Below are a few platforms for which I have written recently.

I used to write at an old blog called A Real Rattlesnake, where I’ve now archived the reflections on faith, culture, lament that were very important to me as an undergraduate student.

Slant’d Magazine’s annual anthology has hosted my writing on INKD.

Asian American Writers’ Workshop nominated my creative nonfiction “Carrying the Fire in the Windy City” for a 2019 Pushcart Prize.

Sojourners Magazine has hosted my film reviews of Parasite and Get Out, as well as my writing on Digital Sacraments, Lenten hashtags of lament, and the 75th anniversary of the Japanese American incarceration.

Inheritance Magazine has welcomed my writing on a number of subjects. In particular, I appreciated the chance to question Christianity Today’s racism and to eulogize Laquan McDonald, James Cone, Martin Luther King, and Rachel Held Evans. More of my writing for Inheritance can be viewed on my author’s page here.

Meetinghouse is a growing Quaker imprint, and has hosted some of my writing on a number of themes.

The Pacific Citizen is a nationally-circulated historically Japanese American newspaper, for whom I’ve written book and television reviews, tackled questions of Nikkei women liberation, memorializing our World War II incarceration, and the relationship between Japanese and African American racial stereotypes and reparations movements. I also chronicled my time as a representative of the Japanese American Citizens League while in Selma for the fiftieth anniversary of the 1965 march for voting rights.

I recently wrote a reflection for the We Stand With Love campaign: “Love is Tender.”

See this Liberating Liturgy, McCormick Seminary’s CURE blog, and for the Episcopal Church.

I interviewed Deborah Jian Lee on her new book “Rescuing Jesus.”

I interviewed Dr. David Gushee on racial trauma, national healing, and a faithful response to #BlackLivesMatter, from my time as co-editor of the Theology of Ferguson online anthology.