Below are videos of some of my recent teaching:

Faith Forward invited me to present on youth and children’s ministry at their 2017 conference. Check out this highlights reel for a few seconds of my presentation!

Bexley-Seabury Seminary Federation, an Episcopal seminary located in Chicago, IL, invited me to serve as Guest Faculty for their 2017 Convocation event. Below is a video of a lecture by the Rev. Canon John Floberg, and my remarks in response, circling around protest, history and trauma, and indigenous memory and sovereignties.

Critical Mixed Race Christology at the Reformation Project Conference in Kansas City. Drawing on critical mixed race theory and the theological discipline of Christology, I gave a workshop on what unique contributions mixed race people might offer to the life of the church in this era of white supremacy, and to the LGBTQ Christian conversation in particular.

Doing Theology Online at Virginia Theological Seminary’s e-formation conference. This live presentation (also streamed through live webinar) addressed how Christians can use social networking to uplift and create liberating liturgies, theologies, and iconographies that will faithfully e-vangelize against various forms of oppression. (The slides for this talk are available here.)

I spoke on a panel at Wild Goose Festival about Asian American Identity, diaspora, colonialism, and the power of our multiple community narratives to heal from these legacies.

In Thirty Seconds or Less, I reflected on the legacy of Japanese American immigration, incarceration, and the need for us to say that #BlackLivesMatter.